Crawl Space Restoration

It is important to have a clean crawl space as this helps to maintain a healthy environment. There are quite a number of homeowners who have crawl spaces, which they tend to ignore. As a result, the quality of the indoor air keeps diminishing.

There are a lot of health issues that are caused by dirty basements and it is crucial to seek our crawl space clean up Seattle services. In order to restore your crawl space, there are a number of things that we will do, but mainly this entails cleaning the entire space.

Our crawl cleaning services are comprehensive and we will use a holistic approach. Besides the cleaning, we will insulate, repair and encapsulate your basement. It is our responsibility to clean the crawl space and once it is fully restored, you will experience the difference.

We are skilled and experienced and we know how to do this efficiently. Our team of experts will do their best to return the crawl space in its best condition. This will not only improve the indoor air quality but also make your home energy efficient.

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The Process of Crawl Space Restoration

When you hire us to restore the crawl space in Seattle, here is what you can expect:

  • Crawl Space Cleaning

The process will begin with a thorough inspection of the crawl space so as to clean it. The cleaning is quite thorough and we will remove all the animal droppings, dead animals, rotten wood and any other debris.

  • Crawl Space Insulation

With the crawl space completely clean, we will then move to the insulation. We will re-insulate the basement and ensure that every part is covered properly. This makes the crawl space, energy-efficient.

  • Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

With the insulation in place, our crews will install the vapor barrier. This is a thin material, which will be essential in preventing moisture. The vapor barrier ensures that you do not have a damp environment.

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Seattle Crawl Space Restoration

Is your crawl space damaged? You have come to the right place as we will restore it to normal functionality. We are skilled technicians and we will inspect every part of your home to ensure that the crawl space is completely repaired and restored. We will do the work ourselves and this assures you of quality service and exceptional customer service. If you have a home in the Seattle area and wish to improve the energy efficiency of your home, talk to us. Through the crawl space waterproofing and restoration services, we will not only improve energy efficiency, but also indoor air quality.

Contact Us

Whether you just need basic crawl space cleaning or complete crawl space restoration Seattle, talk to us. We will be happy to schedule for a consultation appointment, where we will discuss the details of the cleaning. We offer the best cleaning, repair, and restoration services to all the homeowners in Seattle. We are just a phone call away and as soon as you call us, we will be ready to start working to restore your home’s crawl space.