Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation Seattle will improve your home in a significant manner. While this may seem to be a simple task, with various DIY options, it is best to have a professional expert encapsulate your crawl space.

We have great experience in crawl space cleaning and ensuring that your home is safe. With our skills and expertise, we will ensure that the work is done with precision and this will save you so much money. We take each step carefully and we are committed to giving our clients the best results.

Our encapsulation process is thorough and this ensures that there will be no moisture coming into the crawl space again. The vapor barrier will be attached properly and securely to the walls and the ground to give you the best results.

When you choose to work on your crawl space, you may end up seal all the vents and this will cause mold and mildew growth in your basement. The best way to ensure that your home is safe is to have our experts encapsulate the crawl space. We will ensure that there will be no moisture trapped inside your basement.

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Local Crawl Space Encapsulation Experts

We have the experience and the skills that are required to encapsulate your crawl space professionally. We will start with the inspection and assessment of the space and this will help us in deciding the best methods to use. There is an option of the spray foam or the regular insulation. Before we can encapsulate your basement, we will clean and remove all existing problems, like odor and animal waste. We will remediate the mold growth and replace all the boards that have been chewed or are starting to rot.

Our crews are thorough and will inspect both the interiors and exteriors of the crawl space. This allows us to take note of any problems that may not be solved by the encapsulation. We will install a vapor barrier correctly and we will do this in accordance with the local and state regulations. Where necessary, we will also insulate the ducts, walls, and floor of the crawl space. Ultimately, we are committed to making sure that the indoor air quality, in your home, is improved.

Improved Home Environment

When we finish the encapsulation, you will realize that your home environment will significantly improve. Your home will be warmer even in winter and remain cool in summer. There will be hardly any bad odors coming from the crawl space and most importantly, you will save up, on the energy costs as your home becomes energy-efficient. Crawl space encapsulation comes with so many benefits and all you need to do is ensure that it is done the right way.

Get in touch with highly trained crews for crawl space insulation and encapsulation Seattle and you will love the new feel of your home. We have helped so many homes with their crawl space and made it better. Get a free estimate today and allow us to improve your indoors.